"I tell stories from romance novels to murder/mysteries, from suspense to historical background stories"

Dear Reader,

When I was four years old my late father taught me how to read. He was a medically retired journalist who believed that children should learn to read and write at an early age. I was hooked, I began to devour book after book. By the time I was ten, I finished reading pretty much everything in the small library where my mother worked, from Jane Austen to Emile Zola.

My childhood friend, Steven and I used to go to see movies together. I was about eleven years old when we watched a children's movie and we both thought that the ending was not to our liking. Steven suggested that because I was always writing little stories on my own, that perhaps I should write a different ending to the movie, just for us. I listened to his suggestion and voila, a writer was born. I was hopelessly hooked on writing. During that same time, a children's magazine called Pajtas announced a writing contest and the genre was science fiction, so I wrote a story titled, "My Life on the Moon". To my parents and also to my big surprise, I won the second prize, a nice big radio, which although it no longer worked, remained in my parents' possession until the day they died.

Writer Eva Fisher DixonWriting to me is like a life line. Some people write because they are unable to go places or lack courage of daring to do things in their lives, so they live those unfilled desires through their characters. I am more fortunate because I have experienced great many things in life, such as unhappy/happy loves, enduring long months in a refugee camp, starting a new life in a new country, meeting and marrying the love of my life, travelling all over the world and by doing so, experiencing the mostly unappreciated beauty of our precious Earth. During our travels through Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East, we have met and created friendships with dozens of people. ...


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