"I tell stories from romance novels to murder/mysteries, from suspense to historical background stories"

What Writing Means to Me

I write because I love to tell stories from romance novels to murder/mysteries, from suspense to historical background stories. I write about what grabs my attention, it could be a song, a picture, a name, a person I met, anything really. I cannot imagine my life without writing and as long as I can move my fingers on the keyboard, or as long as I have a clear mind, there will be stories told. At the present time, I have 11 published books that are available only on-line, in paperbacks, some of them in hardcopies, or via Kindle or any eBooks. If all goes well, there will be two new books coming out by the end of this year.

I often asked where I get my inspiration for my books. My inspirations come from everything and anything, really. For instance; I woke up from an afternoon nap and for some reason I thought about a picture that I have seen dozens of years ago. The picture was taken by an SS Officer at Babi Yar, Kiev, Ukraine on September 29-30, 1941, where the massacre of the majority of the local Jews has taken place. On the picture a young girl was facing her executioner, a young SS soldier. The SS Officer who took the picture explained what happened on that the photo. The young girl was pointing at herself as she said to her SS killer, "I am only 21 years old." I do not know what made me think of that picture, but I just knew that I had to write my take on Nazi Germany during World War Two, and the novel, EIGHTEEN was born.

Writer Eva Fisher DixonAnother time, while my husband Guy was driving, we were listening to some Middle Eastern music by Shlomi Shabbat, and while I could not understand the words, I closed my eyes and the country of Algeria appeared in my mind and the novel "THE FORBIDDEN" was born.

Having access to the Israeli Satellite Network, I often watch entertainment shows and during one of those occasions, I watched a young and handsome singer performing a song titled El Haor (To the Light). Not speaking the Hebrew language (I learned some words since then) I contacted the Israeli Network to tell me who he was. They were unable to identify him. Then I went to the Internet and looked up Israeli Music and scrolled down on hundreds of names and looked up pictures until I discovered that his name was Yossi Azulay. I watched the show over and over and the novel, "A Song for Hannah" was born.

My all-time favorite book is "EIGHTEEN" because while the story is fictional, there were real life events of that nature that occurred all over Europe during World War Two. While the main character Karl is fictional, some of the characters, like Goebbels and Himmler were real evils.

At this time my books are mainly bought by those who were told by others about their existence. All of my friends and colleagues loved my books and they recommended them to their friends and so on. In other words, due to lack of advertising, my books mainly sold because of "word of mouth", so to speak. I hope that with the help of this webpage, I'll be finally "discovered" and that my writings would bring joy to many readers.