"I tell stories from romance novels to murder/mysteries, from suspense to historical background stories"

Meet Eva Fischer-Dixon

I came into this troubled world during the early morning hours of June 17, 1950, in the city of Budapest, Hungary. I was the first and last child of my 41 year old mother and my father who was 45 years old at the time of my birth.

As I did not know any better, I could not possibly understand that we were living in poverty as I was growing up with loving parents and there was always a bite to eat. My childhood was poor and saddened with tragedies. As a six year old child I witnessed the bloody 1956 revolution and received the first taste of true prejudice by those of whom I thought liked us, yet turned against my family. That tragedy did not match the untimely death of my beloved father when I was not yet seven years old on February 14, 1957. My mother remarried in 1959 and our financial situation was upgraded from poverty to poor.

Writer Eva Fisher DixonAfter finishing elementary school I made a decision to earn money as soon as possible to ease our financial situation and I enrolled in a two year business college (high school diploma was not required), I began working as a 16 year old certified secretary/bookkeeper. During the same period I began my high-school education, which I completed while working full time and attending night school.

I discovered my love for writing when I was 11 years old after a movie that my childhood friend and I saw in the movie theater. We were not pleased with the ending and Steven suggested that I should write a different ending that we both liked. Voila, a writer was born. With my family's encouragement, I entered a writing contest given by a youth oriented magazine and to my genuine surprise, I won second prize.

My desire to live in a free country and to improve my life was so great, that in 1972, leaving everything, including my aging parents behind, I managed to escape from Hungary during a tour to Austria, (then) Yugoslavia and Italy. I spent almost ten long months in a rat infested refugee camp, located Capua, Italy, while I waited for official permission to immigrate to the country of my dreams, to the USA.

In 1975 I met and married a wonderful man, my husband Guy. Thanks to his everlasting patience, he assisted me in my task of learning the English language. He is truly my partner for life and I remain forever grateful to him for standing by me in some tough times.

It is difficult for me to describe my love for writing. I cannot think of a bigger emotional joy for an author than to see a published novel in somebody's hand and to see a story come alive on the screen. I yearn to experience that joy.