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My First Son Novel By Eva Fischer-DixonAfter a family tragedy, Professor Peterson, a scholar at University of Berkeley, California uprooted his family to move them to Oxford, England, where he accepted a teaching position. Gabrielle "Gabby", his four year old daughter is looking forward to visit castles and meeting with royalties, but as Gabby matured, real life unfortunately turned her dreams into nightmares. Unexpected events within her own and her friend, Annie's family doomed to shape the outcome of her life.

Gabby's feelings of abandonment changes upon a chance meeting with a visiting American, James Newman. James is more than just a tourist and became a vital link to Gabby's self-discovery of the meaning of a real family and true love. Is James the one who would bring the much and long desired happiness into Gabby's life, or is he also just another step toward a new disappointment or betrayal? As soon as Gabby realizes the decisions she made were wrong, the way out of violence arrives from an unexpected source. Does the newly arrived close relative of James, Russell Newman her savior? Not if the young Lord Chaffee had anything to say or do about that.

Approximately – 158 pages / 59,503 words - Romance

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(The Gypsy Girl)

Town by the River by Eva Fischer-DixonThe hopelessness and fear among the gypsies was running high as the train that used to move cattle, moved with speed of a snail towards the unknown. All eyes in the darkness of the wagon focused on one person, an incredibly beautiful woman who called herself Salome, who appeared out of nowhere at the detention area before their deportation.

Salome's magical beauty was noticed right away by everyone upon their arrival to Auschwitz-Birkenau, including the young SS Colonel, Helmut von Clausen. Ignoring the objections from every cell of his body, he simply could not resist the effects of Salome's beauty. After his attempts to destroy her and the temptation that her presence caused failed, risking everything, including his own life he makes an attempt to save her. As his dark past surfaced and intertwined with Salome's magic, an unexpected metamorphosis takes place that changes everything in Helmut's life.

He becomes determined to find out who Salome is, where she came from and how did she manage to accomplish things that nobody could explain? As Helmut searches for answers, he must come to terms with his inner evil and the possibility that finding the answer to his quest for truth may cost him the ultimate price, his very own life.

Approximately – 53,093 words - Mystery/Suspense

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Town by the River by Eva Fischer-DixonCalvin Stonebridge was a brilliant financial adviser and surprisingly, a loner. Rumors had it that he didn't like women, but in real life it was the contrary. He never considered marrying, especially to an American woman until he met Sonia.

There was only one problem; Calvin met Sonia at her engagement party to his colleague and friend, Steven. The idea to make Sonia his wife becomes his calm but firm obsession as since they met, she had become of the center of Calvin's universe, the center of his ignited desire to have her and her only. One thing was unknown to anyone who knew him, what Calvin wanted, Calvin got, as long as it did not get in the way playing with his "toys".

Calvin Stonebridge secret life was bound to come to light and justice was lurking around the corner, but only if he couldn't help it. Many tried and many failed in their attempt to find out about Calvin Stonebridge's secret world, if indeed existed. His remarkable talent to camouflage his action made everyone involved question, is there anyone who could bring the former Delta Force's fearless soldier to his knees? Maybe one person could and that person makes Calvin wonder about his future, if there is any.

Approximately – 249 pages/66,393 words - Suspense

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Town by the River by Eva Fischer-DixonHelene Jemison was cautiously hopeful that someday, someone would discover her novels. She lived for writing literarily and physically. While employed at the Los Angeles City Hall, she spent her lonely nights fulfilling dreams of love and adventure while writing romance and suspense stories.

One day, out of the blue, her long awaited phone call arrived and the top agent, Armin Willinger, made her an offer that opened the door for Helene to an entirely different world, the world of entertainment and film making. A young actor named Jake Mortensen, son of a major movie mogul takes up a personal interest in Helene, a man almost half her age and he pursued her with youthful recklessness that he must outgrow to gain her love and respect as a man.

Helene was torn between her tragic past that she is unable to forget and the possibilities of a bright future, laced with love and passion. Unknown to her, there are others who also developed an interest in her, professionally and personally, but who could really she trust without getting hurt again? When events take a tragic turn, it becomes crystal clear to Helene what she needs to do, but whatever destiny brings her way, it must happen on a certain day, five 'til midnight.

Approximately –162 pages/40,128 words - Romance novel

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Town by the River by Eva Fischer-DixonDr. Miriam Goldberg, a once brilliant heart doctor and oncologist, also a California native, have been released from jail after serving ten out of her fifteen year sentence for assisting her terminally ill parent's suicide. She was surprised to learn that upon her release on parole, a job was waiting for her at the other side of the country.

As part of her parole condition, she must follow her "sponsor" Judge Edward Masterson. He takes her to an idyllic place where she is warmly welcomed by all the town folks, especially by the Judge's devastatingly handsome sons, Liv Ed and Jeremy.

Shortly after her arrival, Liv Ed becomes her constant companion and she manages to quickly fall in love with him. Although the town intrigues her, she cannot understand why there are no animals or children in the seemingly heavenly town.

Slowly, but surely, Miriam learns the shockingly fascinating and devastatingly dangerous truth about the town, its habitants and especially about the Dante Principle. She was left with two options; to learn to live with the knowledge, or die from trying to escape from it. Being loved by the Judge's sons, there may be still hope for her, but she soon realizes that her life depended on choosing the right man.

Approximately – 200 pages/84,095 words - Suspense

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The Bestseller by Eva Fischer-Dixon What was supposed to be a brief and passionate one-night stand between two strangers, who met in Munich at the Oktoberfest, turns into a lifetime commitment. Sabrina Bauch, a German nurse working for the US Army in Wuerzburg, Germany, and US Army Captain Justin Hollander unexpectedly meets again and their relationship blossoms. Although their wedding plans are marked by an unexpected tragedy, they go ahead with their wedding and move to Justin's new duty station in Arizona. As Sabrina's ambition to become a writer eventually succeeds when she becomes a bestselling author, she begins to notice some strange things about her husband, Justin, that make her re-focus on her friend's murder once again. New murder victims—tortured just like her friend Uschi—turn up each location where Justin and Sabrina move.

Is her husband a cold-blooded murderer or is he just being framed by someone who has started stalking Sabrina? Their new neighbor, Sean O'Donohue, claims to be a Private Investigator—but is he truly what he claims to be? Is he just interested in Sabrina or is he planning to get close to her to harm her?

There is no time to waste. Sabrina knows that it is not a novel she is writing--it is her own life that is in imminent danger, and that she must act quickly to save herself.

Approximately – 118 pages/43,612 words - Murder Mystery

Review: The Bestseller (Hardcover) I just finished this book and it is awesome!!!! I truly believe that this one is one of her best, not that any of them are bad, but the twist in this one had me sitting on pins and needles!

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(First of Five)

CHAVA DIAMOND CHRONICLES Chava Diamond's writing career had risen to the top when she became the country's number one bestselling novelist. Perhaps that was the reason that her long time agent and friend, Angela surprised her with a suggestion, she wanted Chava to write a new genre book in which Chava was neither interested nor wanted to write about, vampires. She agreed that it was an up and coming genre, both in movies and on the television, but Chava was already busy with writing a new novel and finishing the latest.

Lacking motivation, interest and ideas, she gives in to Angela's request and travels to Romania; a country she is not particularly fond of, due to some previous bad experiences there. After meeting her Romanian tour guide, a young woman named Milena, Chava becomes interested in her story about the murders and disappearances of her family members. When Milena also disappears, Chava is stunned.

Not having transportation or a tour guide, she reluctantly accepts the assistance of a handsome and mysterious man whom she meets by chance. While Alexandru, "Alex" to his friends, shows her around, he also appears to be her savior when multiple times strangers make attempts on Chava's life. Dead bodies, disappearances, mystery castles' secret chambers compare nothing to Chava's suspicions about Alex who seems to be feared by everyone they encounter. Although she is drawn to him like a magnet, Chava has never been more determined in her life than to find out about Alex's past, who wears nothing but black, the color of hate.

Approximately – 94 pages/41,279 words - Suspense

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Eighteen by Eva Fischer-DixonKarl Helmut Mueller loved one person in his entire life and it was Gertie Guthmann, the beautiful Jewish girl next door, in a time when contact between Aryans and Jews was forbidden. When Gertie was brutally attacked by three drunken SS officers, Karl swore revenge. SS Colonel Hinnich, Karl's first target was so impressed by the young man's bravery that he took Karl under his wings, thus Karl Helmut Mueller's life would become a symbol of any German who was blinded by opportunities to climb the social and political ladder during the Third Reich.

Colonel Hinnich, the new Commandant of the Dachau concentration camp is a feared man and because he is feared, Karl is also feared. Karl unleashes his inner demons when he gets a taste of the unlimited power he was given and he takes every opportunity to use it, even if meant that his own family may get destroyed in the process. With the power in his possession, he begins to fulfill the planned revenge on those who raped and murdered his forbidden love, Gertie.

Following Himmler's orders, Karl travels to Berlin and during a brief visit in the town of Magdeburg; by chance he meets a pretty young local girl, Gretchen Bach, who reminded him of his only love Gertie. This chance encounter brings hope into Karl's life that he had not lost all his humanity and that he is still capable to be gentle and loving. In the meantime, Karl became a poster boy for Aryan purity throughout Europe; his pictures were everywhere in cities and towns, from restaurants to pharmacies.

His next duty orders takes Karl into the Ukraine where the young man, promoted way ahead of his peers, takes second Command to the elite killing machine the Einsatzgruppen and assists in mass killings of Jews and Ukrainians at Babi Jar, where he encounters a Jewish family, the Patinkins. After killing members of that particular family, the mother curses Karl with the number "18", the age of her murdered daughter.

After the war Karl escapes capture by the Americans when he makes his way to Argentina. Supported by former Nazis and their sympathizers, Karl cannot stop his killing nature. After an unsuccessful attempt to contact Gretchen in Germany, Karl learns that Gretchen moved to New York, in the US with her wealthy American husband and son who was also named Karl Helmut. Karl makes a daring move to enter the United States, to claim Gretchen and the child back that Karl believes is his. He patiently waits and watches Gretchen and her family until he feels that the time is right to approach Gretchen.

But perhaps things are not as they seem and Karl is being forced to face his brutal past and place his future into the hands of strangers.

Approximately – 164 pages/65,533 words - Suspense

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Fata Morgana by Eva Fischer-DixonJoe Romano had a dream, as a matter of fact; he had virtually the same dream since he was a baby. In his nightly dreams, a beautiful red haired girl from an oasis in Morocco appears and she talks to him, showing things to him, and who would remain the mystery of his life until a distant day in the future. The girl in Joe's dream called herself Morgana.

While everyone around him thinks that Joe possessed extraordinary powers, Joe doesn't think so. His dream is to graduate from West Point, to serve his country in the military, to marry his high school sweetheart, Emily, and to make his parents proud of him. By age twenty-two, he accomplished everything that set out to do.

When Emily is diagnosed with a deadly illness, it disappears due to Joe's touch and prayers, and his own miraculous recovery from injury is nothing short of a miracle. Some observe him as a second Messiah, the son of God which he questions and seriously doubts.

Joe knows that he must find the meaning of his lifelong dreams about a girl, Morgana in a desert Oasis. His feelings are so strong that he had no choice, but with two of his closest friends whom he met while serving in the Army, they travel to Morocco to get answers about his own identity.

Dramatic events push Joe to the edge of despair, but his faith or miracle pulls him back to reality. Before he could relax into a comfortable life, Joe Romano must face the ultimate evil that put his faith in God to the test. Is his faith in God and the love for his wife strong enough to survive and overcome temptation? Joe must choose, and choose wisely.

Approximately – 198 pages/83,045 words - Spiritual/Suspense

Review: Fata Morgana (Hardcover) Open your imagination and allow this book to take you to places a lot of people may have been in life! Events always take interesting turns in this novel. It is well rounded, lots of exciting happening with sad and happy ending! This book has left me in tears and smiles at the end. – Zsuzsa B.

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The Forbidden by Eva Fischer-DixonChantal Rousseau, a brilliant student at Sorbonne, Paris and a breathtaking beauty, felt devastated after receiving the tragic and unexpected news of the brutal murder of her parents who were on their vacation during the last years of France's occupation of Algeria. Determined to bring her parents murderer to justice, or take revenge on the killers herself, Chantal develops a plan to find and revenge her parents' murders with the help of a former Foreign Legion officer, by then a regular French Army Colonel, Lance Bertrand who immediately fell in love with Chantal.

Chantal's clever plan of seduction was working only too well. Using her beauty as bait, she travels to Lance's new duty station in Algeria, posing as his daughter, where she unexpectedly finds herself to be drawn not only to the French Army officer, but to her parents' murderer, Zafir Djebar a French hater, as well.

Chantal must find courage to complete her plan of revenge, and with her deep love for one man, to reignite the light of a once tranquil life.

Approximately – 144 pages/56,798 words - Romance/Suspense

Review:The Forbidden (Hardcover) This book will raise the hair on the back of your neck; yet you won't be able to put it down. This book is hot and cold at the same time! It truly left me in awwwwe! – Zsuzsi B.

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The Discovery At the height of her popularity, Chava Diamond receives the tragic news of the passing of her beloved mother. To lay her beloved mother to rest, Chava must travel back to her native country, a task itself that she would rather not do but she must under the circumstances. In the company of her friend, she travels to Budapest, Hungary.

During her first night in the hotel, she receives a letter from a strange man, written by her dying mother. In that letter, her mother reveals some disturbing details that until then were unknown to Chava. The letter describes the details of her mother's survival of the Holocaust and leaves three wishes for Chava to fulfill. While doing so, her journey takes her from Hungary to Poland and to Israel. On her journey to comply with her mother's final wishes, she discovers horrifying details of her family's past, present and perhaps even her own future. While in Budapest, Hungary, she encounters a mysterious Palestinian man, Abdul, and in Poland, she crosses paths with another handsome man, Avi, who inadvertently draws her into the world of terrorism, kidnapping and romance. Perhaps, just perhaps, her mother's final wishes were more than just for Chava to discover her family's past. Perhaps her mother's final wishes were for Chava to discover something else, something that she was destined to discover for herself.

Approximately – 242 pages - Romance/Suspense

Review:The Discovery (Hardcover) A true suspense novel! This is one of my favorite books from her; this book will make you cry and laugh at the same time. Check out all her other books too, they are well worth reading!!! – Zsuzsi B. "

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(Third Book of the Israel Trilogy)

ONE LAST TIME After returning home from her job at the university, Norah Johnson, a popular novelist and lecturer wants nothing more than just to run away as far she could. Arriving at her destination, the Red Sea resort of Eilat, Israel, she desperately wants to forget what she had witnessed at her home, an unforgivable act done by her husband of eighteen years, Gordon.

By a chance encounter, she met and fell in love with a young Israeli Army Major, Ze'ev Bitan, almost half her age, who for the first time in his life felt that he finally found the woman he was looking for. He and his three friends are on a pass from the Israeli Army, trying to recover from the emotional turmoil after participating in the battle of Jenin. Norah, as a novelist, takes an interest in their story and in their wish to come clear as to what really happened in the Jenin refugee camp. Norah gave them her promise that she would write the true story.

To be fair, Norah decides to interview Palestinians, to hear their side of the story. Ze'ev provides the name of the contact person, but things did not turn out as they were planned with devastating results. There are only two things that keeps Norah alive, one is her deep love for Ze'ev and the hope that help arrives before it becomes too late.

Approximately – 130 pages/51,536 words - Romance

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(Second Book of Israel Trilogy)

Journey to DestinyJack Parker, a Computer Scientist at the San Diego Naval Shipyard, being a loving husband of twenty-five years to Lillian Parker, a paralegal at a prestigious San Diego law firm, did not argue when his wife decided, as always, on their next vacation. Lillian, who was not religious but being Jewish by birth, made all the arrangements necessary for their trip to the Holy Land, Israel.

Although Jack and Lillian were seemingly happily married, Lillian missed the intimacy that they once shared. While Lillian was not a demanding person, Jack catered to her every wish, with the exception that they had not made love for a long time, for reasons neither of them could explain.

During their visit to Israel, Lillian, by accident meets a young Israeli Defense Forces Captain, Zvi Hanek, who was renting a room at the same hotel where Lillian and her husband were also staying. Despite the fact that Zvi was half her age, Lillian and Zvi desperately fell in love. Lillian was clear to Zvi about not leaving Jack, unless he wanted to leave her first, but she also cannot part from her young Israeli lover. After a few days stay in the Red Sea resort town, Eilat, they return to Tel Aviv where Lillian is forced to choose between the man she was faithfully married for twenty-five years or the young Israeli Army Captain who brought passion back into her life. As always, destiny intervenes with dramatic future deciding consequences. Returning to San Diego, Lillian feels devastated and alone, until she receives a phone call from Israel, a call that changes her life forever.

Approximately - 140 pages/59, 370 words - Romance

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(First of the Israel Trilogy)

The Third Clouds When sixteen year old Rachel Schwartz met a young sailor, Andy Russell, no one would expect, especially her parents, that their love-at-first-sight would last. Rachel faithfully waited for his return from his extended submarine duty and a year later, after his return, Andy proposed marriage. Parents on both sides agreed that their children's love for each other was genuine, but Rachel being Jewish and Andy being Catholic seemed like an obstacle that Andy was willing to bridge by converting.

Rachel anxiously waited for Andy's decision about their wedding day that kept getting further delayed for various reasons, a new civilian job, conversion, money issues, and then the unbelievable happens, Andy commits the ultimate betrayal. Rachel becomes devastated by the break-up but in an attempt to seek revenge, she seduces one of Andy's brothers and she had to face the unexpected consequences of her action.

After losing faith and trust in men, Rachel concentrates on her career after moving to California. Because of a strange string of events, she travels to Israel where she encounters a man, Yossi, who would give her another chance for happiness, but only if Rachel is able to put the past behind her. While she is trying to make the crucial decision about her future, first she must face a devastating event that she is not sure that she is able to overcome. With the help of Yossi, Rachel attempts to rebuild her life and to make the ultimate decision that may affects everyone around her.

Approximately - 174 pages/74,272 words - Romance

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The Third Clouds To mend his troubled marriage, Army Captain Michael McCloskey resigns from his commission and returns to his hometown, San Francisco. In his new job at the SF Police Department he must prove himself as his father, being the city's Police Commissioner, is about to retire after a lengthy service to the community. To surprise him, Michael and his mother secretly began to organize an annual event for the Commissioner's old Army Air Force buddies.

Nobody ever dreamed that because of sent out invitations, a tragic chain of events were unleashed, Michael soon came to realization that losing those close to him was not an accident; rather, it was an act of terrorism. While the investigation at the Mosconi Center is at standstill, he receives a visit from Colonel Powers who is working for the National Security Agency, the NSA. He takes Michael under his wings but having no choice in the matter, he is sent off to search for something that was more than just top secret, something that could easily destroy the population of the free world.

His search for the existence of that object takes him to Russia, Italy and Japan, and finally to Israel. Along the way he manages to forge a friendship that will last for the rest of his life and to meet an incredible Japanese woman, Akiko. Michael learns more about himself that he ever imagined as he enters the world of espionage, intrigue, love and mystery.

First there was a cloud over Hiroshima, and again a cloud over Nagasaki, was there another plane, another bomb? If so, where is it located? Michael must race time to prevent a manmade catastrophe of epic proportion.

Approximately 552 pages - Suspense

Review: "If you are looking for a book with romance, excitement, and shocking actions; look no further! This is it!!! I absolutely love all her other books too and I highly recommend them to all readers out there! : Zsuzsi B. "

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