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What War Might Bring

ONE LAST TIME Anders van Niekerk and Danie de Villiers were inseparable friends growing up outside Pretoria, South Africa. They did everything together, so nobody was surprised when both decided to join the British Royal Marines. There was a secret kept between the friends: one of them had a violent temper that the other had covered up, until an event in Kabul, Afghanistan, during their third tour of duty. When an Afghan family was brutally raped and murdered, the friend with the even temper confronted the violent one and denounced his actions. During a patrol, due to a questionable IED explosion, one friend watched the other one die, and after that event, his life was never the same again. After being treated in London for PTSD, he was allowed to return to South Africa, where he was supposed to continue his treatment. During his stay at the clinic, he immediately fell in love with his young psychiatrist, Dr. Gerda van Heerden. She also develops feelings for the young man in her care. Gerda investigates his background and draws a shocking conclusion that affects her not only personally but professionally as well. What happened in Afghanistan? Who truly died in Afghanistan? When the truth is revealed during a storytelling session, it becomes clear that the problem with her patient is not only PTSD. His deep and disturbing secret, which surfaced during the sessions, might destroy not only the young doctor but also everyone around her. Would she be able to use deadly force to prevent other atrocities? Dr. Gerda van Heerden has a tough choice to make and only minutes to decide.

Approximately – 140 pages/58,304 words - Suspense

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The Price of the Game

ONE LAST TIME Addison Brooke Theron considered herself a fortunate woman. She had a great career as an immigration attorney, a loving and successful husband, and two beautiful children. Unexpectedly, her entire life was shattered one rainy night with unspeakable consequences. After almost a year of trying to recover physically and mentally, she returned to work at her friend’s law firm. No longer her psychiatrist, Dr. David Cooper confessed his feelings for Addison, but she was not quite ready to date yet. Her life changed when she met a group of Navy SEALs in a bar owned by a friend of her colleague. One of the Navy SEALs, Lieutenant Logan Matthews, invited Addison for dinner, and it was evident that they had an overwhelming physical chemistry. When she finally confided in Logan about her own tragic past, another tragedy was about to be unleashed when Logan disappeared during a mission in South America. Addison travels to Bogota, Colombia, with a client and makes a surprise discovery in a jungle village that would endanger her life if she could not outsmart the head of a notorious drug cartel, a relative of her client. She succeeded but paid a heavy price. She became engaged to Dr. David Cooper, who was always there for her, but after meeting with Logan again, Addison must make the ultimate decision between the two men who loved her—the man who offered her stability for life or the man who offered her undeniable passion but an uncertain future. It all comes to a life-altering decision during an award ceremony where Addison is being honored at the Coronado Island Naval Base.

Approximately – 160 pages/65,096 words - Suspense/Romance

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One Last Time

(Third Book of the Israel Trilogy)

ONE LAST TIME After returning home from her job at the university, Norah Johnson, a popular novelist and lecturer wants nothing more than just to run away as far she could. Arriving at her destination, the Red Sea resort of Eilat, Israel, she desperately wants to forget what she had witnessed at her home, an unforgivable act done by her husband of eighteen years, Gordon.

By a chance encounter, she met and fell in love with a young Israeli Army Major, Ze'ev Bitan, almost half her age, who for the first time in his life felt that he finally found the woman he was looking for. He and his three friends are on a pass from the Israeli Army, trying to recover from the emotional turmoil after participating in the battle of Jenin. Norah, as a novelist, takes an interest in their story and in their wish to come clear as to what really happened in the Jenin refugee camp. Norah gave them her promise that she would write the true story.

To be fair, Norah decides to interview Palestinians, to hear their side of the story. Ze'ev provides the name of the contact person, but things did not turn out as they were planned with devastating results. There are only two things that keeps Norah alive, one is her deep love for Ze'ev and the hope that help arrives before it becomes too late.

Approximately – 130 pages/51,536 words - Romance

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Five Past Midnight

Six Summer and One Winter By Eva Fischer-DixonIn this sequel of “Five ’til Midnight,” the story follows the love story of the married Jake and Helene Mortensen. As Jake’s movie career is steadily rising and Helene’s novels and movie scripts are in demand, life was simply perfect for them. Jake could not be any happier when Helene learned that she was pregnant. And then, the unimaginable and unthinkable happened. Jake began to wonder if he was the source of all the misfortune that surrounds him. With his family’s support, he returns to acting in movies that were previously scripted by Helene. During his next two filming projects, he encounters a beautiful Israeli actress, Ilana Dayan, and Reeva Pieterse, a daughter of a South African billionaire, a supermodel and successful actress in her own right. While both women are interested in Jake, he is tormented by the thoughts of his beloved Helene and simply could not move on. He pours his love into raising his son, Arthur, and when he is finally resigned to the fact that there is more to life than living with memories, the shock of his life was waiting. He once again questions himself if he could get over the ultimate lies, betrayal, and learn to forgive and love again.

196 pages/ 81,379 words - Romance/Suspense

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For Senior Officers Only (Prisoner # 170650)

For Senior Officers Only By Eva Fischer-DixonMelina Chakiris was an eighteen-year-old blonde and brown eyed beauty on the Island of Crete, Greece, when a group of German Army soldiers arrived in her village of Kondomari. Colonel Klaus and Major Diehl immediately took notice of the beautiful Greek girl. While Klaus had a sinister plan for the girl, Diehl fell in love with her at first sight. Discovering that four of their soldiers were murdered, Klaus orders revenge on the male population of the village. Due to new orders from Hitler, the girls from the village are taken to work in brothels all over Europe. Major Bertrand Diehl saves Melina from her bleak future, although he was scheduled to fight on the Eastern Front. The physical attraction between Bertrand and Melina was so strong that she could not help it; she desperately fell in love with him. Melina is willing to do anything to find out what happened to her abducted younger sister, even if it costs her own life. When the Gestapo arrests her, Melina's life turns into a living nightmare. Her father-in-law, Ss General Diehl, does everything in his power to save her, and by doing so, he unleashes a chain of events that changes everyone's life forever. Melina's love for Bertrand is unshakable, but during her subsequent travels, she becomes an eyewitness to horrifying deeds that broke her faith in humanity for a long time to come. Will she ever see Bertrand or her kidnapped child again? She often wonders if she is strong enough to revenge those who were hurt, to find love and peace in her private life, and what might have God laid down for her on life's long path.

436 pages/ 198,349 words - Historial fiction

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The Angies' Chronicles: The Resurrection

Six Summer and One Winter By Eva Fischer-DixonWhen Angie awoke she found herself in a beautifully decorated room without any recollection how she got there. What made matters worse was the fact the she could not remember anything, anything at all. Dr. Abraham Jacobs informed her that he was hired to help her to regain her memory, hopefully completely. Her benefactor, Benjamin Manning was the third wealthiest man in the United States, yet Angie could not remember how he knew about her and why was he helping her by hiring a full time doctor and a full staff for her convenience. Who was she? Was she married and did she have children? How did she get to the United States and what was she doing in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York?

As days and weeks pass, Angie’s memories slowly began to return, but what she learns leaves her confused, concerned and heartbroken about what happened. Dr. Jacobs’ friend, BJ, was all too willing to assist her to regain her memory, although during the process he fell deeply in love with Angie, who could not shake the devastating reality of what she learns about her past. Her children were returned to Hungary and with their location unknown, BJ’s suggestion how to get her children back put Angie to the test. Just how much was she willing to sacrifice to get custody of her family? After an almost fatal attack on her life by someone from her past, Angie becomes ever so determined to regain her self-confidence and put her troubled past behind her. The question is; just how long BJ, a wealthy man by his own right and who was voted as the most eligible bachelor in America, is willing to wait for Angie while she learned to trust again. One more time, Angie must make the right decision or pay with her life.

Approximately – 274 pages/ 120,117 words - Romance/Suspense

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The Angies' Chronicles: Angie's Story

Six Summer and One Winter By Eva Fischer-DixonUpon completing her higher education by age 16, Angie Aranyi considered herself afortunate person. She was selected for a good job and she was surrounded by her loving parents and her fiancée Andy, a handsome man of every woman’s dream. While everything seemed to be in perfect harmony, the only thing missing from Angie’s life was the wedding date that Andy was reluctant to set. After a long engagement the unthinkable happens and Angie’s world, as she knew it, was shattered. Because of an unexpected job offer in another city, she encounters not only challenges at work, but also a possible new romancein the person of Captain Attila Bartha, an officer with a reputation that Angie could or would not ignore. Living alone for the first time in her life,she buries herself in her work, but loneliness becomes a constant shadow that hung over Angie in her private life. When she was least expecting, someone from her past reappears,and long hidden and suppressed feelings reemerge with the power of an erupting volcano. Is the man, two decades older than her the one true love that she was waiting and craving for?

Angie’s happiness is short lived when a disturbed, jealous man, a cadet at the Military Academy where she works, decided to take revenge for his abused wife, Angie’s subordinate, for leaving him. After that devastating incident, Angie wonders if her love for Viktor is strong enough to lift him out of his subsequent depression. Her decision about Viktor could become more complicated when Captain Mark Hegyes, still dashing and still very much in love with Angie reappears at the academy. Once again, Angie finds herself at the crossroads of life altering decisions.

Approximately – 176 pages / 78,551 words - Romance

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The Angies' Chronicles: Six Summer & One Winter

Six Summer and One Winter By Eva Fischer-DixonAngelina (Angie) Aranyi was only eleven years old but far ahead both mentally and physically of her peers. She was raised in a strict household in Budapest, Hungary, but she dreamed about experiencing a quieter village life. Her dream came true when her mother met a peasant woman whose granddaughter was the same age as Angie. To her surprise, her parents allowed her to spend her long school break with Nagy family in the village of Kisegres. Her entire world changes when she encounters not only a different culture and religion, but also her host family’s nephew, an incredibly handsome boy named Joe, who immediately fell in love with Angie. It was a mutual feeling at first sight.

The off and on romance continues for six summers and one winter that she spent at her host family’s rural home. Being a beautiful young girl, she is being courted by other young men who mistaken her for being much older, but Joe always managed to work his way back into her heart, until Angie met a soldier named Andy. Joe’s bad temper and jealousy cast a dark shadow on Angie and Andy’s new romance. Angie knew that a hard decision was ahead of her, she had to choose between her first love and uncertain future with Joe, or the steady and deeply loving Andy who would do just about anything for her. Angie could have never imagined that when she makes her final decision at age 16, it would send her on an unexpected and incredible journey in life.

Approximately – 316 pages / 144,108 words - Romance

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My First Son Novel By Eva Fischer-DixonMartha Masterson was a librarian in the small city of Giffords, Arizona, when she was brutally attacked and left for dead by five teenagers. Her life is mysteriously intertwined with the life of a dying billionaire, William J. Talbot. Talbot leaves the majority of his wealth to his aid, Jack Trades, a man with a much troubled past. While visiting Martha in the hospital, Jack finds himself falling in love with the seriously hurt woman.

After Talbot’s death, Martha slowly recovers and learns the fascinating history of her benefactor, William Talbot. Through Jack, she learns the story of Talbot’s mother, Helena Talbotowicz, who survived the German occupation of her country, Poland, but could not escape the brutality of the liberating soldiers of the Red Army. Martha also learns about the everlasting love between the young Polish girl and her doctor, Colonel Matthew Collins, a love that remained alive for decades, through difficult decisions, unhappy marriages, and six children. Martha develops deep feelings for Jack, but she wonders that after the brutality that she had survived if she could she be a real partner to him. Before his death, Talbot instructed Jack to take revenge on those who harmed Martha.
Will she be strong enough to prevent Jack for taking deadly revenge on those who committed their crimes on her person by the book?

Approximately – 450 pages / 168,459 words - Suspense/Romance

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